Random “Hmmm…” Items

Well, first thing is the Public Storage Update: no progress since last update. Still working on it, but I’ve been kinda busy with other things.

We were supposed to have a metal roof contractor rep stop by the house this evening at 7 pm. K calls my cell about 5:50 — I’m about a half-mile from the house on the way home from work — that they’re here. They managed to startle the hell out of Scooterbird by pounding on the front door, too. She let them measure around the outside of the house until I got home.

Found them in the back yard and asked if their roofing jobs had the same level of attention to detail that their timekeeping did — they seemed confused, so I elaborated: “If you can’t tell time, how am I supposed to trust that you know how to handle any other numbers with any degree of accuracy?” There was much hemming and hawing and attempted excuses but the bottom line is they are the initial face of their company and they screwed up big-time. Dinner was… compromised as a result of their early arrival.

So off they went, suggesting that I call their office to reschedule. Fat effing chance of that. If they want to call me to attempt to reschedule, I’ll answer the phone, but that’s about all. I finally got a hint as to their pricing today, and they’re talking about a minimum price about 3 times that of a conventional roof. Great warranty, sure, but c’mon, it’s not 3 times better than the other one we’re considering.

Idiots. What the hell do they expect? Read your damn schedule instead of guessing, and LEARN HOW TO TELL TIME!


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