Update Time

I’ve worked my way up to the Regional VP at Public Storage. He was in the Detroit area up until today, when he was on an airplane back to the greater LA area. His CA-based admin insists that he will be in the office tomorrow, and I’m going to try yet again to talk to him then.

Yep, tilting at a windmill, still.

Meanwhile, last evening I purchased a breaker bar (which Sears amusingly calls a “flex handle”), a short extension, a set of SAE (aka “English”) deep sockets, and a torque wrench, so at least I can change tires.

There’s something a little sad about opening up your once-full toolbox to put replacement tools in. The drawers, which until recently had a clangy fullness and heft to them, feel too light, sound too tinny. So it goes that I opened up the socket drawer on the now-empty socket holder rack and discovered the torque wrench won’t fit in its case, so I had to clear a spot up top for it. Just as well, I guess. I’ve got an electronic torque wrench on my wishlist — the one I got yesterday is an almost exact replacement for the stolen one I had, which is a click-style but strictly mechanical — which will come with its own proper case, but I do want to protect this one as much as I can. The nice 22″ plastic “truck box” I had for the tire-changing tools is on national back-order at Sears, so I didn’t get one of those yet. But I will as soon as it’s available again.

But one drawer has some heft now, at least. It’ll eventually be okay, but right now, it’s still a little sad.


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