Glasgow, London, and Idiots On Parade

Okay, okay, we get it: you are 100% convinced that you’re the right hand of Allah, you’re unhappy that the modern UK isn’t being governed like the 7th Century Arabian peninsula, and you managed to get enough out of primary school science class to know that if you stick a rag into a gas can and light it, it’ll make a fire. And if you add in a couple of propane tanks you picked up at the corner gas station, it might even go “boom” at some point, too. And you stick it all in a car and you find some poor schnook who buys in to the whole “sit at the right hand of Allah with 72 virgins to tend to your every whim” martyrdom nonsense to drive into a nightclub or a Tube station or an airport terminal.

Look, if you’re that committed to your cause, blow your own damn self up! Let’s see some of these extremist leaders strap on the ol’ suicide belt and let go of the dead-man switch by mistake when they reach into their pocket for their car keys to drive out of the bomb shop. You say you’re a worthy follower of Mohammad and are meant to lead these men to their deaths? Well, lead by example. Don’t hide in Qom, or Tehran, or Gaza, or a refugee camp in Lebanon, or Fallujah, or in a rathole cave in NW Pakistan. Get out there, show your faces, lead a operation from the front instead of via cell phone and e-mail from thousands of miles away.


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