Alive? Yes.

Just really darn busy. Racing season has started, and I’m deep into it. This last week, I was able to get a couple days away from the office to volunteer at the annual Formula SAE student engineering competition, which was the first time I’d actually worked it since 1998, when I was the SCCA dynamic events coordinator and went well past burned-out and into “fried to a crisp”. This year, I was just a gentleman flunky/utility infielder/corner worker, and that’s just fine by me.

Still, it did involve 3 long days, two of which involved many hours of standing/walking/running on asphalt, and the body was sore. Until, that is, I allowed Robin, “my” massage therapist, to spend an hour this evening putting me back together as I had cleverly scheduled my monthly appointment to be right after this particular event on purpose.

As Ferris Bueller said, if you have the means, I thoroughly recommend it.

This weekend? More racing. Two days of flagging at Grattan, followed by a day of autocrossing at the DTE Pine Energy Music Knob Theatre. (Okay, it’s really the DTE Energy Music Theatre, which used to be known as Pine Knob, and the ski area and golf course next to it is still called Pine Knob, but I like my name better.)

Oh, and work. Plus fixing the car (stripped a wheel stud at the last event, it’s at a friend’s place right now in some pieces, and we’ll get it finished tomorrow).

How, you might ask, do you strip a wheel stud, particularly a mega-buck ARP racing wheel stud? Well, if it’s 8 years old and it’s had a few hundred on/off cycles, quite easily… I can’t complain, though. It’s had a good service life.

More when I can…


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