We interrupt this life to bring you the racing season…

Today was the Detroit Region SCCA Season Opener Solo at the DTE Pine Energy Music Knob Theater (this is a ski area/ampitheater that used to be known as Pine Knob, and the ski area still is, but DTE Energy — the parent holding company for Detroit Edison, among others – sponsored the theater and it became known as DTE Energy Music Theater).

Things got off to a bit of a slow start – first event of the year, new players in key positions within the organization – and for me was complicated by the untimely seizure of a lug nut on a wheel stud on the Cobra, which ultimately resulted in a critical piece of thread going walkabout on the stud and me scrambling for something else to drive.

As it happened, fellow Michigan Mustang Mafia “made” member (and also a fellow in the Black Car Division) Marcus had his “spare” car, the Legendary Black Beast of Westland, along, so I unloaded it from his trailer and slapped my numbers on it. Marcus and his wife Jen drove their new ’07 Mustang Shelby GT (also black, naturally). The Beast drove well, although the driver (me) didn’t get everything out of the car. This is not the car’s fault, it’s the driver’s. To be fair, I had not driven this car on a competition run in at least 4 years. I did get one respectable run out of the four, but I got creamed on index (unsurprisingly — the guy I needed to hang with on index was almost 3 seconds faster).

But I had fun anyway. And our Pro Index class folks put on another clinic on “how to operate an event” during our 4th heat work assignments. No problems, no worries, and we were done a LOT faster than the other three heats ran. By this point, we were all ready to go home, though, so everyone was working toward that end. I left the site for home shortly after 6 pm.

One issue is cropping up. I’m considered tall at 6’4″ (although I’m the short one in my family: little bro is 6’5″, Dad is 6’6″), and the newest crop of Snell-rated helmets has added additional energy-absorbing material on the top of the helmet. Which means my spiffy Snell SA2005 helmet I got last year is hard into the headliner in my car. I had figured Marcus’s car had a thinner seat sitting lower… but the compression on my head was WORSE. I’m gonna need a Gurney Bubble on my roof, I think. Wonder if I can push that into the rules… probably not.

Several Motrin later… my head is almost normal.


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