Nice, bright, sunny, warm day. Started with our usual Sunday morning breakfast run (we’re now “regulars” — it’s good being a regular), followed by Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s grocery run.

Then we got out the bikes — including K’s new one, a Trek 3700 mountain bike. This was also the first real trial for my new saddle and rack/bag combo on my bike — we got her bike and the new stuff for mine a few weeks ago and then the weather went back to winter.

Rode down to the West Bloomfield Rails-To-Trails route, did a total of about 10 miles all told. Which for a first serious ride of the year was maybe pushing it a smidge. Had a couple of minor things to deal with on K’s bike, all stuff I was able to do quickly (move kickstand so crank wouldn’t hit it, ditto loose cable end on front derailleur) without tools.

May have been a bit much for a first ride of the year, but I was okay at the end of it and probably could’ve gone more. My new saddle is great, and K likes her new bike.

And we’re still trying to sell K’s old bike, a ’99 Schwinn Cruiser Six, women’s frame. It’s in superb shape, but nobody’s bit on the ad yet. It’s not a financial hardship to keep it, we just don’t have room for all of them (and K and I each have a bike in our storage locker Elsewhere in Oakland County, along with my ’65 Mustang and all the other stuff that won’t fit in our house from when I moved in). Interested? In the Detroit area? Drop me a line for more details. Added On Edit: Sold it today; the Craigslist ad finally worked. Got what I wanted for it, the buyer thinks he got a good deal, and it’s going to a good home.

When we got home, it was Housework Time! This is also a regular Sunday activity.


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