I’m baaa-aaack.

As the subject says.

Trip report to follow at some point in the not terribly distant future.

Where was I? We were on vacation: 11 day cruise, with befores and afters in SE Florida.

Was supposed to be home yesterday but due to Misadventure, it wasn’t until today, which means that today I didn’t get to work.

Snow’s a-comin’ tomorrow. Joy. Not.



  1. Once again this teacher is amazed at how people who don’t teach can take their vacations at times when it would actualloy be nice to get away from things. Welcome back! Looking forward to the trip report.


    1. Well, this will be the last one of these for a few years as K is starting grad school in the fall. We’ll be doing some Alternative Vacations during school breaks, going places the chilluns don’t like to go. Adult places. Yeah. That kind of place. 😀


    1. Well, there was one puking episode, but that wasn’t due to ride motion but a bad piece of anago (freshwater eel) sushi from the onboard sushi bar.


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