Thank you to the well-wishers on our anniversary. 🙂

Hit the Northville REI store’s garage sale today. We were issued tickets at the front door — numbers 368, 369, and 370. They were on numbers 101-110. Much perusal of the other goods in the shop before our numbers were called. The Garage Sale items are returns, mostly, and are generally pretty picked-over. I mean, who wants a pair of used hiking boots? Ewwww.

I was searching for a GPS nav system for the car — they had a few from people who upgraded, but not one suitable for car use. We’ll hit the Troy store’s garage sale on Monday. It’s a bigger, better-stocked store, and we’ll go earlier.

After that, we drove across the parking lot to PF Chang’s for our Anniversary Lunch. With Kid. Yum. Love going there, can’t afford to do so (both financially and waistline-ly) except as a special occasion (or if I can expense it… the Northville location is close enough to my office to serve as a possible business lunch destination when entertaining customers).

Stopped off at the “new” (it’s been open a few months but we hadn’t been to this one yet) Trader Joe’s on the way home. It’s nice, big, clean, and had a bigger selection of stuff than the one closest to the house. Good to know. No Two-Buck Chuck on this trip, but lotsa salmon for me. And a cheesecake for tomorrow evening. And an interesting-looking dark lager.

Then back to the house, where I transferred various electronics (Val One, assorted chargers, and the Delphi SkyFi XM sat radio unit) from the Cobra back to the truck. The truck’s 4-year-old XM antenna has gone flaky, so I’m going to have to replace it. Sigh. This is a somewhat involved operation as I have to drop the headliner partially, which involves removing a bunch of other trim pieces on the interior, and I have to pull the radio out of the dash. I might take advantage of this and upgrade from the FM modulator to something called a “PIE” (brand name) adapter that plugs into the radio’s input port for a CD changer (which I don’t have or need) and has a couple RCA inputs which I can adapt to the input from the XM unit — or my iPod. The advantage over the FM modulator is mostly in sound quality, as the FM unit chops some of the lows and some of the highs — the modulator has a narrower frequency response band than the FM receiver itself does, actually — but also will allow me to switch to terrestrial radio when desired without having to power down the XM unit.

Anyway, I stuck my “travel” XM antenna up at the base of the windshield on the dash for now, having removed it from the Cobra, and all works for now.

Then Miss E and I took the truck (her driving) and the Cobra (me driving) over to the storage yard where I keep my trailer, pulled the trailer out from its spot (me), loaded and tied-down the Cobra (me), rolled up the windows and crawled out through the trunk via the fold-down rear seat (E — and next spring I need to borrow a smaller kid for the task of opening it up), then put the trailer back (literally — have to back it in) in its spot (me — nailed it in one pass, thankyouverymuch). I’d offered E a chance to drive the Cobra around first as it’s been a few months since she’s had stickshift practice, but she decided against it today.

Then home to a nice, quiet dinner and some trip planning for K and me. Aside from the funeral procession for President Ford, not much interesting on the telly tonight.


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