Happy Anniversary

To us. 8 years today.

Got her a Coach purse. Which will most likely be exchanged. Not a problem.

Kid came for (most of) the weekend today. Had her Christmas from us and my family. She liked *her* Coach purse.

(See, there’s this outlet mall at Exit 154/157 — depending upon which direction you’re traveling — on I-69 just over the Indiana side of the MI/IN border. It has a Coach Factory Store — they used to call it an “Outlet” until someone determined “Factory Store” sounded more posh. I stopped in there on the way home from Tulsa on Wednesday to buy extra presents.)

Watched “Cars” on DVD tonight — that was one of my presents from Karen. Also watched the first 3 episodes of “The Muppet Show”, the Season One DVD set I got from my folks. Both watches were enjoyable.

I still owe the LJ a trip report. It’ll happen at some point. Maybe. šŸ™‚



  1. Happy anniversary, Jim and Karen! Having the “end user” exchange a purse is only to be expected. Every woman has her own notions about just what is the ideal arrangement of flaps, compartments, zippers, fasteners, strap length, and just the “feel” of the purse when you’re carrying it.


    1. The biggest problem in this case is that it’s awfully damn close to one she already has in both size and color. No big deal to me. I’m not even remotely close to even considering the merest possibility of being offended. Meanwhile, Ze Keed is actually *using* hers. I thought I might faint dead away: this is just about the only time she’s EVER voluntarily used something I’ve given her in the style/fashion department (exception: certain items of jewelry including a Willow pendant custom-made just for her).


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