Here in Tulsa…

Posting from my mom’s ‘puter today.

Made it in to Tulsa yesterday. 185 miles in 2 hrs, 22 minutes, for an average speed of 78 and change mph. šŸ˜€

Got settled in here at my folk’s new place, then we went to Claud’s for my usual: double-meat cheeseburger with the onions fried in and fries. I’m a 3rd-generation Claud’s customer. Dad, Mom, and I went together this time.

Dad waited until after lunch to ask me to fix up his DVD-RW setup so he could actually record TV shows. Quick glance at his setup and a quick glance at the DVD-RW deck’s setup instructions revealed that I could fix the problem with the addition of one length of co-ax, so that’s what I did.

Went over to my aunt and uncle’s place to catch my cousins, who are otherwise busy on Christmas. Found out one of my other uncles had had a relatively mild heart attack Friday night and got a stent installed Saturday, which appears to have solved the problem there according to the before-and-after angiograms. I’ll probably pay him a visit at the hospital tomorrow.

Today: the Cobra got a bath (it had mucho road slime from the rainy start to the trip down here), and I got some favorite junk food I can’t get in Michigan: Taco Bueno. Yum. šŸ™‚

Tonight is the annual extended family Christmas Eve gathering here at the ‘rents, and tomorrow is a movable feast, so to speak. Here, sister’s, brother’s, aunt & uncle’s, other aunt & uncle’s for dinner. The ‘rents are going to my stepmom’s family gathering outside of Oklahoma City, but I’m not. Love those folks, but not up for a Christmas dinner with the dessert table located in the smoking section (no kidding), nor do I really want to either a) spend about 4 hours total in a car with my dad driving, or b) drive another 4 hours or so myself (2 down, 2 back). So I’ll stay here in Tulsa instead.

To all: hope your holiday — whichever you’re celebrating — is happy, cheerful, and full of whatever you find wonderful. To me, that’s the main thing: find what makes you happy and have lots of it, be it family (blood or of choice), friends, food, Chinese take-out and a movie, or some combination of the above.


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