On the road again…

Posting from a hotel in Springfield, Missouri.

Lost an hour — AN HOUR! — going the last 5 miles of I-69 on the north side of the Indianapolis area. But made pretty decent time the rest of the trip. Punched out of the rain in Indy, no enforcement issues, drove an extra 20 miles and still saved at least 45 minutes in the St. Louis area, and was on the road not quite 13 hours in total today (including stops totaling a bit over an hour and the 5-mph-average hour in Indy). Total distance traveled: about 780 miles. Got another 180 or so to do tomorrow. Easy runnin’. Could’ve done it tonight, but the eyes were tired so I pitted.



  1. …you know, next time you cruise through this neck of the woods you have another place to stay— complete with ranch ‘ambiance’. Just so you know. -=Jeff=-


    1. Good to know, my friend. 🙂 With the ‘rents buying this big newish house here around 91st and 129th East Ave, it means I land here for holidays, but there are other times I get to town. Not often, but it does happen. And Dad even got me a spot in the garage for the Cobra. 🙂


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