And yes, it is. We got up to 40F officially yesterday. Today hit 50F.

Which proved to be good timing: Today was the day we schlepped a whole mess o’ presents graciously gathered and organized by a church in Lake Orion for several charities/agencies, including HAVEN, the domestic violence (primarily women and kids… they can and have taken in battered males, but it’s very rare) shelter nearby, where K is doing a regular volunteer gig. We pressed the race trailer into service, so this morning we went and got it out of storage, brought it back to the house, and unloaded the Cobra — which will live here for a bit as that’s my most likely ride to Tulsa for Christmas (since I’m flying solo).

Good thing, too, ’cause the folks at St. Joseph’s filled about 18 feet worth of the floor in my 26-foot trailer (one layer deep) with presents. After hearing horror stories about past years’ extremely disorganized efforts, we were quite pleased to be out of there in less than an hour — they were organized, and the legion of volunteers from the church (and a few from other agencies — we helped load for others, too), and it took maybe 6-8 minutes to have all of HAVEN’s stuff loaded in the trailer. I was amazed.

Hauled it down to HAVEN’s admin offices (I do not know where the shelter is, and won’t until I’m appropriately vetted, but that doesn’t matter as the gift-giving is being organized out of admin), where one of the staff met us and the three of us unloaded in rather more time than it took to load it (but not bad). Got done in enough time to drop the trailer back at storage in (fading) daylight, even.

I’m fighting a scratchy throat — sinus drainage, maybe a minor sinus infection, something I get every couple years. I’m not sick, but K won’t let me come near her anyway. Vitamins, appropriate herbals, and hot tea to the rescue. Sort of. My voice is a bit of a wreck. Luckily, tomorrow’s big technical presentation is being handled by my boss, and I just need to be there to answer questions.

Tie selected. The Suit is ready. Off we go.


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