It’s colder than the thermometer indicates, thanks to the wind.

Right now, the little Intellicast desktop bug tells me it’s 17F, but courtesy of the WNW winds blowing 13 mph, it feels like it’s 7F.

I can believe it.

Our warm floors are great, but the house is old and somewhat porous in the walls, and so if the wind is blowing, it looses heat. It’s much, much tighter than it was before we replaced the windows in September ’05, but it’s still a house approaching its 60th birthday next year that was built to be a vacation cottage.

The ValOne is catatonic. It fires up and self-tests fine, but sends weird spurious signals to the remote display, and when I drove past a known Ka-band radar site this evening on the way home, it was silent. West Bloomfield has these “helpful” radar signs attached to poles in certain areas that spew Ka-band microwaves at EVERYBODY and display your speed in big, yellow numbers, with the added bonus of a bright white strobe light and flashy numbers if you’re more than 5 mph over the speed limit (but no cameras — yet). Anyway, up until now, the Val would start telling me about this nearly a mile away, but not tonight.

New Valentine Ones are $399… the same price I paid for mine back in 1996! But… they offer upgrades. Punch in my unit’s serial number, and, well, it’s ancient enough that they have an “instant upgrade” to the latest model for $229 plus S&H. All I have to do is send them my unit and my credit card info, and they send me a brand-spanking new one, complete with all the accessories. Like trading in for a new car. šŸ˜€

It gets sent tomorrow.



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