Tuesday AND Wednesday

Well, you know… life sometimes gets in the way of, umm, writing about life?

Been awfully busy at work. Like that’s new. Changes upon changes from the customer. No problem — we can do that, it just costs money and time. But wait… they don’t want it to cost anything or take any time, they just want it to change… well, come right here to Rainbow Land, little fluff-fluff, where time does not equal money and time doesn’t equal time, either…

Reality check, aisle five!

Weather: supposed to be awfully damned cold tomorrow. Like a high of 24. That’s degrees F. Or -4.4C for you metric people. Plus a bit of snow. We started off the evening with some freezing rain that turned into sleet and is now snow flurries. They’re looking at maybe an inch by morning drive time. Which will cause no actual driving problems except for widespread panic amongst the great idiots I must share the road with each morning, who will then drive on the 70-mph interstate not at a safe 55-65 mph, but at an earth-shattering 30-35 mph.

But I got Leviathan back from the dealer today, as promised. No more clunks, brake shimmy, or general loosey-goosey feelings from the front end, and he tracks straighter down the road, too, due to 4 new ball joints and a fresh alignment. Now I gotta get new tires ordered before winter gets serious.

And figure out how the remote display for my Valentine One radar/lidar detector has gone wonky while it was in my briefcase the last two days when Leviathan was in the shop. Annoying, ’cause the directional arrows on the main unit gave up the ghost some time ago, and the remote display was my only hope. I may need to break down and spend the $200 or so on Valentine’s “instant upgrade” where I send them my unit and they send me a shiny new one with all the latest updates… plus another $40 or so for a new remote display if I can’t figure out what’s wrong with mine and fix it (or maybe I can talk them into it… heh heh heh). I think it’s in the RJ11 socket, which should be repairable.

My life: it’s excitement by the bushel-basket load!



  1. Hey, radar detectors are illegal! *VBEG* I hate snow. Especially snow after sleet. I can drive fine in snow, but all the other turkeys out there think it doesn’t change the road conditions at all, so they drive as if the roads were dry OR they think that it changes the road conditions so that they must drive EVER SO SLOWLY in order to get home/to work. Add that to the fact the Lille doesn’t get much snow, and so has little to no budget for sanding, salting, snow removal and you have a recipe for disaster with only 4 or 5 inches. Sheesh!


    1. Radar detectors are illegal only in Virginia and Washington, DC, and in commercial trucks in New York State, as far as the United States goes. When my folks lived in the Atlanta area, they’d shut down the city — send the kids home from school, close government offices, etc. — if there was a FORECAST for snow. Dad thought this very weird until snow actually happened. One inch of snow was enough to paralyze the entire metro area. Which, if you consider the topography, makes some sense: there’s almost zero straight, flat roads around metro Atlanta. Straight-but-not-flat, yes. Flat-but-not-straight, yes. Neither flat nor straight, lots. And they have virtually no capacity for road treatment (salt/sand spreaders). They were renting an all-electric house (including electric-resistance central forced-air heat) that had almost no insulation in it. They’d have a cold snap and the electric bill would be over $600 for a single month… he’s fairly happy to not be there anymore. We had about an inch this morning. No big deal getting in to work for me, but the @#$#@ emergency brake cable snapped (again — I replaced it 2-3 years ago) on Leviathan ’cause the stuff underneath got frozen up. It’s only about a $20-25 part and I can fix it myself, but it involves crawling under the truck and so it’ll wait until better weather.


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