No post yesterday. Was busy. Fell asleep on the couch while watching the big dog show on Discovery/Animal Planet, and thus don’t know who won.

Up this morning to an 8am conference call with customer’s customer, who hadn’t quite sent out the proposal we were supposed to discuss yet, but when they did… urgh. No. Not A Good Idea. Made some suggestions. Replacement proposal arrived, looking much better. Sent same to fab shop. Fab shop likes, starts implementing. Tell customer’s customer this. Customer’s customer — where the idea originated, remember? — says STOP! don’t do this until we have ANOTHER conference call tomorrow at 8am.

We don’t get that e-mail until sometime approaching 6pm. On my way home from work. In a truck, where I don’t have e-mail access (no crackberry for me, thanks). Well after my contact at the fab shop has gone home for the evening, too.

Apparently, even though they thought of it, they need to approve their own idea. Someone please tell me how this makes any sort of logical sense, ’cause I don’t get it.

Of course, what we’re talking about here is the least-nasty way to mess up my carefully-designed water pump, but they’re the customer, so if they want a mess, and are willing to pay for a mess, a mess is what they get.

No, they don’t know this LJ exists. And I’m not telling them. They don’t know my nom de net, either.

Meanwhile, the weather decided that we needed some snow accumulation, so this afternoon, we got some. Bit more than an inch — enough to FUBAR the drive home (extra 40 minutes for me, so instead of 50 minutes, it was an hour and a half), and look idyllic on the ground at home, but not enough to snowthrow. Big, light, fluffy snow: it’s only about 20 degrees F here right now, never broke 30F today. Drug two trash cans, 6 30-gallon paper lawn & leaf bags of tree-branch debris, and the recycle bucket down to the curb. At least it’s not raining. That’s what usually happens when we have lawn & leaf bags full of heavy tree branch debris, so hooray for sub-freezing temps, I guess: the rain is snow, which doesn’t weaken the bags.

Leviathan’s at the dealer getting new balljoints, so I’m driving the Taco (“my” Toyota Tacoma test truck), which doesn’t like slick stuff as well as Leviathan, owing largely to being at least 2500 lbs lighter. But it works okay.

Off to bed soon — another 8am call and that means an early departure ’cause the roads are probably going to be okay, but the drivers are going to be FUBAR…


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