No-longer-clean truck and weather

Rain. Lots of it. But as I look out the back door, there is the barest hint of a dusting of snow. In other words, the dire predictions did not come to pass, at least not here in the Detroit Metro area.

If the rain we’d gotten had been snow, it’d have been about a foot’s worth. At least. We’re talking over 2″ of rain in spots around the area.

But the wind is howling, the temperature is dropping, lows expected in the mid-20s (F). Scooterbird got his electric blanket for the first time this season. And I’m waiting for the furnace to kick on and give us toasty floors (we have radiant heat in the floor slab. It’s great, easily the best physical feature of this house). The windows we got last year are keeping the drafts out. The roof is leaking again (DAMMIT!) in spite of my best efforts to limp it along until spring.

The truck is, naturally, no longer clean.

It goes in on Monday for ball joints. The dealer that sponsors my racing efforts came through and gave me an estimate about $150 cheaper than the other shop — the owner of which was understanding, of course, and knew he’d have gotten the business if the dealer had quoted me retail…

Then I can think about new tires.

At some point, I need to get back to the project Larry Dixon has asked me to do for him. It’ll get done eventually. 🙂


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