New Printer

It’s here, and installed, our new Samsung CLP-300N networked color laser printer (purchased from on about the 2nd day they were available for sale — Friday last week). Installation was straightforward up to the point where the Samsung installation CD caused a most peculiar Blue Screen Of Death situation on my computer that wouldn’t go away until I used WinXP’s restore function to restore things back to the most recent saved, stable formation. Which happened to be last Sunday evening before I’d updated IE to IE7 and a couple other Microsloth updates…

I cleaned it up and downloaded the latest driver installation package from and… it crashed the computer the same way. Blargh.

Anyway… I was able to restore the computer, and back-door the installation of the driver off the CD without using the autorun function by installing the printer via the network and, well, it all works nicely. Then I redid all the update stuff I had done on Sunday.

You can be sure that Samsung will be getting an earful from me tomorrow. They, of course, weren’t open tonight when I called.

The thing is, aside from the installation hassle, this printer is *exactly* what we wanted: small (it’s billed as the smallest color laser printer on the market, and I can believe that), quiet, very good resolution and print speed, network card built in, and not terribly expensive.

So… frustration to satisfaction. But I’m still going to raise hell with Samsung’s customer service, because I’m SURE this will happen to someone else who does not have my, um, well, persistence (I *know* I’m smarter than the damn machine) combined with a better-than-average set of engineering/troubleshooting skills to allow me the lateral-thinking agility to get around the problem.

My motivation? K has a report for one of her school classes due soon and needs to be able to print. Our old printer was on its last toner legs, and we couldn’t justify dropping another $60 for a new cartridge when we knew this one was coming. So I *had* to make it work. Tonight.

Ahh, well, it’s sitting there, functional, and that’s what matters.


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