Clean Truck

Leviathan, my beloved Ford F350 Crew Cab, Short Bed, 2WD, single-rear-wheel (not dually), turbodiesel pickup, got a bath today, along with a full interior cleanout. K attacked the passenger side dash, where her shoe scuffs were, with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and it was good. The Magic Eraser did a nice job getting grime out of all the graining in the interior plastics. The glass was cleaned, inside and out. Vacuumed the interior. Hit several places with touch-up paint. He’s looking mighty fine now.

With 198,000 miles on the odo, Leviathan will soon be receiving a major PM (preventative maintenance): front ball joints, probably brakes, certainly hoses, coolant, trans fluid, FEAD belt, and I’ve got to get new tires before winter gets serious. He’s my daily driver in addition to performing Tow Beast (license plate, in fact, reads TWBEAST ’cause someone already had LVIATHN — we’re limited to seven characters) duties.

It was a good day for this — we hit around 60F, something of a rarity this time of year.

Tomorrow — back to work. Whoo.


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