The Day After

Still beat.

Had coneys for lunch, as per family tradition. Not Tulsa-style, but Detroit-style because, well, I’m not in Tulsa.

K went shopping at 5 ayem. Got what she went for — and she had fun doing it. I didn’t even wake up.

Miss E had her 2nd day of work at her new job today. She’s working in a clothing shop that caters to, well, people her age, in a large outlet-type mall. She said it was crazy-busy. Not a surprise.

After coneys and a little bit of shopping (ordered a new color laser printer, a Samsung CLP-300N, which just became available, so I got cables and also a new UPS as the power switch on my trusty Isotel is starting to have an arcing problem on startup), came home and cleaned all the leaves off the roof and out of the gutters. This is something I do from the roof as I can’t get a ladder by most of the gutters themselves due to shrubbery.

After dinner, I rearranged the CD and DVD towers and installed a new add-on shelf for our IKEA Jerker computer desk, which now holds the old printer until the new (larger) one comes to take its place. The (much larger than the Isotel) APC UPS now occupies the space formerly occupied by the printer. I relocated the outrigger “phone” shelf down a bit lower and the printer shelf is up high — which I’m probably going to have to change around again. Why? We’d like the printer lower — but I have to swap the new shelf for the old one the CPU is residing on (which has a different mounting scheme), so I can get the bolts into available holes.

If you have never seen a Jerker computer desk, it’s a delightfully modular setup. But you have to have access for bolts, and if a shelf or the desk part is in the way, you can’t mount the outrigger shelf there. Not to worry, I’ll figure it out. I *think* I’m smarter than furniture. πŸ™‚



  1. It’s definitely the time of year for getting up on the roof. Steve is probably going to put the Christmas lights up along the eaves today. It’s an “on the roof” job because the ladder can’t lean against the long sides of the house or it will crush the gutters, and there is an extension cord which has to run back over the top of the roof in order to reach an outlet on the back porch. Can you expound a bit more on why you chose the Samsung color laser printer? I’ve been eyeing the HPs and an Okidata, unable to make up my mind.


    1. We looked at the HP color LaserJet 2600N (because we want to network it), but it was more expensive, toner cartridges (plural: black, cyan, yellow, magenta for color laser printers) were more expensive, resolution wasn’t as good, speed was slower, it was noisier, and it was a LOT larger physically. All compared to a small Okidata we also looked at — which turned out to be a discontinued model, and the replacement for that model was $100 more than the discontinued one. Then we saw this little Samsung CLP-300. It’s VERY quiet. It’s compact. Better resolution than the HP. Faster printing in black than the HP. The toner cans are relatively inexpensive. It got good reviews in the computer magazines. The non-networked model is under $300 (I’m seeing them on sale for $249 right now). But the networked model — CLP-300N — wasn’t available until sometime this week — Thursday, in fact. Ordered it Friday from for $349 — free delivery, should be here Tuesday. Also got a spare black toner catridge ($57) Just In Case, and we had a coupon for $25 off any $100 or more purchase. Total with tax? $402 and change. We’re replacing a blach-and-white HP LJ1100A that has had a monster sheet-feed problem since it was about 3 weeks old — it’ll only take one at a time or it’ll eat 10 and jam up. Apparently, there was a class-action suit against HP on these, but I didn’t find out about it until after the settlement window was closed, and I don’t want to spend $50 on a page-feeder repair kit for a printer that doesn’t even have USB capability (I had to buy a parallel port card for the new-in-May computer to hook it up!), and the price of color has come down enough that we’re getting the new one for less than the 1100A cost us back in 1999. And since our next major computer purchase is going to be a laptop for K as she starts grad school, having the printer networked will allow her to work on the laptop anywhere in the house and still be able to print via the WiFi setup to the router. Circa 1947 former vacation cottage enters the 21st Century. πŸ™‚


    1. Coney Island. Hot dog. Here in Detroit, typically a grilled hot dog served with chili, onions, and mustard (and, in my case, cheese but no onion).


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